Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here's some of my work!!!! at last...

I am so busy making samples for my Christmas Open Day on 10th September that there is very little work that I can actually show without giving away the surprise effect on the day but

Yeah! Woohoo! here's something I made that I can actually show! This suitcase and mini album was great fun to make and I thought the girls would love to do it.... a glimpse inside the mini book... And from last night's class here's Lauren, Megan and Daniella with their beautiful suitcases and mini albums... Zoe from Valencia - she goes to the same school as Paola and Andrea below - in a city the size of Valencia how much of a coincidence is that!!! This is Marta, Paola and her sister Andrea from Valencia...On Sunday afternoon Tanya wanted a last yoghurt before leaving for the airport so we popped into smooy.....Just look at all that luscious goodness - Tanya's is topped with marshmallow, pineapple and chocolate and mine with marshmallows and chocolate... all those calories!!! a kiss goodbye...

On Sunday - her last day - Tanya got her sex on the beach...at last! It only took 4 weeks but she managed it!

This series of my work was displayed in the window and I was asked by one of the Spanish ladies if they could buy the canvas so I made it into a class instead...uhoh! more of my work!!!!! and here they are with their canvases - all the same but all so very different...

Gotta go, shop to open, people to see, things to do and all that so

Bye for now


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