Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A relaxing day in Javea

Tanya's second trip here is going much too fast. On Sunday we decided to have a complete day off as we have both been working hard in the shop each day. Tanya has been making lots of projects for upcoming events she is teaching at and I have been running the shop, teaching classes and trying to fit in making samples for the Christmas Open Day in September.

Two yoghurt places have opened on the beach and so we treated ourselves to a yoghurt - mine had melon, mixed nuts and caramel and Tanya's had kiwi, muesli and chocolate - llao llao is by far the better of the two for taste...and here's the lady herself enjoying it...

We lazed the day away under beach umbrellas - the sun is fiercely hot - Tanya with her cross stitch and me reading the Sunday papers...

and nicely relaxed - and also despite being under the umbrellas we had both caught the sun - we went for a drink afterwards before coming home for a dip in the pool in the cool - well cooler - of the evening

Very enjoyable and much needed

Bye for now


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