Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to art y facts

art y facts, my lovely craft shop had its fifth anniversary Monday of this week.
When I opened the shop I confided to a friend that if I could stay open until Christmas I would be happy, then it was Easter and then the first anniversary. Well, five years have flown and I am still here Woohoo! I have made so many lovely friends in that time and we have moved on to bigger and better things. The shop is now in premises four times the size and in a better location even though on the same road... and has a dedicated craft studio.
We are holding a Christmas themed open day on 10th September between 10am and 4pm and there will be demonstrations, make 'n' takes and loads of ideas to help kickstart the Christmas crafting season if it hasn't already started for you. This in part explains why there has been no blog posts as I haven't had anything to show. I have made loads but can't show it just yet. This is the advert in the local Female Focus complete with editorial. More details later in August...
And here are the loves of my life Abigail and Josh - they came to stay for a week bringing Dad ( son Lee) and I had so many cuddles and so much fun with them -and they both love - and are good at - crafting.

My latest favourite is a new Sizzix die that makes suitcases. No sorry it die-cuts suitcases - you have to put them together and I have made loads - did I say how addictive they are!!! All I can show you now are these two and the mini album I made to go inside the pink one. The others will be unveiled at the open day - did I mention we are having a Christmas open day 10th September from 10 till 4!!!

Here are some of the girls that came to class last night - I broke my own record of fourteen from last Wednesday - EIGHTEEN girls came! Whew!
back row - Alice, Megan,Alex, Victoire, Iciar,Cristina

front row - Olivia, Alexia, Anna, Dayana, Celine, Beatrix...
they are a mix of Spanish, English, French, German and Russian/Canadian nationalities

April, Nicole and Chloe...
Berta... I don't know how Alesha and Klara managed to escape my camera but I will get them another time - you'll see!

For classes I normally make the same project on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday during term time but with holidaymakers coming to class I am having to teach different projects each class and with not knowing how many will turn up its difficult to kit up but not to worry - we cope.
Monday night saw the girls making what I call Marsha's bag - Marsha made these as a make 'n' take at kkd last year or the one before...thanks Marsha -they are brilliant but despite the air con on at 17 degrees in the shop the gluesticks still melted and the bags had trouble staying stuck. Outside was high 20's even though it was 7 at night. Saturday 6th August eight girls made paper bag albums... Friday morning eight ladies made coin spinner cards...Megan (below in red) has been coming to classes for four weeks in summer and two at Easter since July 2007 and is now 12 and taller than me. I suppose at 5 foot 3 that's not so difficult!

She and Alice (seated in blue) are now old friends and they and Alesha had a fit of the giggles when I said smile please girls...not possible!!! control yourselves!!! no chance!

Gotcha!!!Abigail with Dayana the same night with their coin spinner cards... right, let's see if i can remember all their names....

Natasha, Kayleigh, Ola, Alesha at back, Daniella, Dayana, Zoe, Sofia
here they are all busy...
Blaithin, Lucia, Alesha..Sienna... Dayana... Natasha..Lauren...Chloe my little boxes with a tattered flower and a Wendy Vecchi rose... eleven - no not lords a leaping...did I mention I am having a Christmas themed open day on 10th September from 10 till 4 - I did! oh well never mind..... but eleven ladies (and girls) making boxes and two different types of flowers... Tanya and I do enjoy ourselves when we get together....she stayed for two weeks to recuperate from her awful cancer treatment... her lovely son Bart has booked her a surprise flight to come for another fortnight and on Monday night I will be driving to Alicante airport to collect her. I heard a shriek one morning and asked "what's wrong?" "I've found three eyelashes" she said so pleased. It will be lovely to see how much her hair has grown in two weeks.

I took Tanya to visit Feddie, a Spanish neighbour who has built a Gaudi inspired garden - I knew she would love his place...I will show more photos of his house and garden in future...Back to the shop... and a bit of face painting...well not literally..four visitors... and three regulars Becky, Dayana and Alice with their doll paintings.

I think that's a precis of the last four weeks Whew!- hope I haven't bored you.....and don't forget the Christmas open day on 10th September from 10 till 4 - see you there.

Bye for now



Helen said...

congrats on your 5 years! Love the photos - you've packed a lot in!
Hope you have a great time with Tanya.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue!

In my Google Reader I saw the photo of all the 'Marsha bags'!!! Somehow I can't see this on your blog, at the moment it's looking all wonky on my browser :-s
But: wanted to let you know it put a BIG smile on my face :-D