Monday, March 1, 2010

Well it's the end of February already

so here's my 365 challenge. Quite calm after the hectic January one.

This morning I had great fun making the March page and starting the April one. I had intended to make the March page gold and heat embossed but talking to my grandchildren over the weekend they were tie-dyeing t-shirts so I took that as inspiration and splatted my March page instead. Grief!! this technique is messy but so much fun...

and so the gold heat embossed one has now become April. The shimmer on here is lovely - the heat embossing was done with pearlescent green and red powders - such a beautiful patina-ed effect.

Must get on as loads to do - as ever!!!
Bye for now


Carolyn Albro said...

Ohhhh your pages look really great!! I'll have to get my February pages uploaded soon : ) Isn't this a fun project?

thekathrynwheel said...

Your pages look so great. Feb is really neat - your writing is lovely. I REALLY like the splatting effect - what fun! Kate x