Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have added some writing to my Dina page... her course isn't until the 22nd of March so I am itching for it to start. I'm told it is all about layers so I am doing that bit right - I keep going back and adding another layer. Oh well, only 11 more sleeps until I can find out whether I am doing the rest right or not - impatient - who me? - yes haha!
This was the page before I added the had gone through 4 layers at this stage

I made a card this morning for my Mum for Sunday and thought it would be a good card for them to make tonight as we haven't made a card in class since before Christmas as we have been too busy with other projects. As ever the mica powders I had planned to paint the flowers with were at home so I had a mooch and came up with the Wet look markers - they worked just fine and the kids always love them.

Tonight came...

Well, you know the saying when you wish a big hole would swallow you up. I fell into that proverbial hole tonight. Celine brought along her sibling and I asked after her sister - goof!!! its her brother. Shoulder length white blonde hair and a dimple - well I thought a girl! but then what do I know!!! take a look at the photo below and hopefully you will see what I saw. Anyway, Benny was delightful and after the initial confusion we got on just fine. Here's Benny, Celine and Melissa showing off the cards they made for their Mums.

On Monday three of the girls finished their Spring albums which are full of things like knots and bows and paper weaving. Complicated stuff when you are 6 years old but they learned it and should be very proud of themselves. The three others have still to complete theirs.
Dayana 9, Mina 6 and Sarah 6

It's getting late so I'll hop off to make my hot choccy and take it to bed.
Bye for now

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