Saturday, February 27, 2010

Marsha- your little make'n'take bag is a huge hit here...

just as I knew it would be when I made it in Holland a couple of weeks ago and I then made another to put in the shop window.
Yesterday Margaret and Q made theirs

and today Blaithin and Rosangela finished off making their Spring albums and then made theirs - Rosangela is only 7 years old so that's quite an achievement. I supplied extra fingers when required to hold things like the cork when she was using the pokey tool and the tag while she set the eyelet with the cropadile but they both use the Big Shot and Texture Boutique like old hands.

Right, I am now going to get going on one of the projects half made. Haven't decided which one so
Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!! That is so cool! Glad you and your clients are having fun with it!!!

Unknown said...

Love the little bags
When can we come and make some ?
Luv Lin x x