Friday, March 19, 2010


At the moment I don't know if I'm on my head or my heels. There is just so much going on in my life that I feel like I have just staggered off a very hectic, whirly fairground ride - you know that sensation...whoooosh!!! I am grateful to the Spanish that their Father's Day is today and all the shops are closed (well, with the exception of cafes and bars) so today I got up late, can potter, think and just try to catch up a little - well hopefully. Also, Colin is out in this lovely bright sunshine playing golf so I have the house to myself (well with the exception of two playful dogs and one "I love lying in the sunshine on the windowsill" cat) so here goes. You might want to grab a coffee and a biscuit or two...this post isn't titled ramblings for nothing Lol!

The shop is very small and it is a shop with a table and six chairs - a very bright, sunny and welcoming little shop but little is the operative word and for some time now I have been bemoaning the fact that what I really want is a large teaching space with a small shop attached - just the opposite to what I have - don't we all want what we haven't got?? Anyway, after looking around at several empty premises - and believe me there are plenty of those here at present - we think we may have found a better place and so we are going to be on the move. The new place is not far from the old one so there should be no need for panic amongst those who come to classes and such. More details when all the paperwork is finalised and signed on the dotted line...

Colin bought me a present of a notepad laptop and has thoughtfully moved my millions of photos onto there but as I am just familiarising myself with it I am still using the home computer too and I went to post photos of my sweet little shop but I find he has removed all my millions (his term not mine) of photos onto the notepad so I may have to wait until he is home to add the photos.
edit - I have found out how to add the photos on the laptop so they are here too!! WooHoo!!!

Right - classes are full on and on Friday Q and Monica made cards

Saturday's class came and went unphotographed
on Monday the girls finished their mirrors
Dayana and Mina

luckily I photographed Sarah showing her mirror to Dayana as she went home before the others

and on Wednesday I taught a workshop making a canvas as taught to me by the lovely Tanya when she was here last November. Tanya bless her took me in hand last November and helped, guided ( well, bullied really) me into making the next three months projects that I had been prevaricating on for a long while, one of which was this lovely canvas. She made the one for display

while I sat alongside her and made one for Victoria with a beautiful photo of her and John at their wedding last October.

I gave it to her at Christmas and she was so pleased - I also made one for my youngest son's girlfriend who I always refer to as the lovely Jodie - if you saw her look at my son Jon you would know why I call her that - she absolutely adores him and thats all you can ask for your own child isn't it, that they have someone who thinks they are as wonderful as you their mother does.

Wednesday's workshop - Q, Monica and Mu

Here is the one I made - its the one of Colin's parents when they were courting in the 1930's which I showed half finished a week or two back - see I can finish projects - well sometimes Ha!ha!

and Q's which she made for her much adored husband John

and Monica's of her wedding three years ago to Phil

and Mu's of her Mother Vera (top in the photo below) who sadly died just two weeks ago - she was desperate to come to the workshop to do something normal in her world which was suddenly turned upside down with the very sudden loss of her much loved Mum.

They are all so different but all absolutely gorgeous. We sang, laughed and cried our way through Wednesday and then I had a Wednesday night class with the girls which I completely forgot to photograph probably because I was sooo tired.

During the past week I have also been making a flap album for my youngest son Jon who will be 30 on 3rd April - just where does the time go to - and yesterday morning I put the finishing touches to it. I justneed to add the photos now...

Well, if you read to the end "you're a better man than me Gunga Din" I'm bored now so I'm off to see what else I can get up to on this day off! Yay!!!so
Bye for now


thekathrynwheel said...

I read to the end!! Wow, you have been busy. A new shop eh? Well, hopefully we may be heading your way this summer so I may even get to see it :-)
All the projects look lovely.
Bye for now x

Anonymous said...

Ah, exciting times for you! Love the canvasses!!!

flutterbycrafter said...

I also read right to the end. The canvasses are beautiful, I bet everyone enjoyed doing them. Sounds as though you have a good bunch over there.

tanya watts said...

i bullied you????? how on earth!???,what are people going to think of me??? lol! ah well you are right though!!! i did bully you into getting prepped!! and aren't you happy? and me too. never in a million years did i think, when i made that canvas for a magazine that more than a year later half of Javea would be having so much fun with it... :) does make me happy! thanks girls! all of you, they turned out fab!!.

busy little bee you are but i already knew that and of course i will be over to inspect the new shop and bully you into whatever i think needs to be done wohahah! you asked for it missy!!! xxxx take care and breathe once in a while