Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thought I would show you what I transformed the dull, boring black front cover of my 365 challenge journal into.

I used my two favourite colours - purple and lime green with just a hint of muted gold - and just had fun Dabbering, inking and stickling the grungeboard bits and pieces.

Tonight, the older girls class made the mirror. They painted, triple embossed and stamped into, stippled over masks, more stamping, distressed and cropadiled flowers and generally enjoyed themselves. We put my i-pod in the dock and sang along...Pink. Lady Gaga, Keane, Crowded House, Boyzone - you name it, its on there!

Here's Melissa...

and here are the rest of the girls...Maria, Celine, Yaa and Melissa -

The green mirror on the table saying hope is mine... every time I look in the mirror I hope that the reflection will say that I look better than I do - "hope"less I know but a girls gotta try.....!! Lol!

Anyway, another night when I am tired but happy so I'm off to make my hot choccy and take it to bed so
Bye for now


tanya watts said...

ahhh glad they liked the mirrors! they all turned out beautifully!

ps lol! my word verification was "messit" sounds like i need some messy time with inks or paint but not just yet, this hernia is still killing me :(

thekathrynwheel said...

LOVE the cover on your journal
:-) It looks fab! I'm afraid mine is just boring old black......