Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday to you...

...yes, the shop has been open 3 years today. When I first opened the shop I hoped to make it to Christmas of that year and here we are three years on and still going strong. I have loads of lovely customers many of whom have become friends and delightful children who attend the kidz classes and who make them so much fun.

With the children in mind I made a paper bag album. The Wednesday girls have already started theirs - it helps doing projects with the older girls first as I can then foresee any problems I might encounter with the younger ones - and I shall start the Monday girls doing theirs this week.

The next door neighbour Janice and I having a tea party

My Mum used to knit my cardigans and it is interesting to see that she used the same pattern in different colours each year. She did the same when my eldest son, Lee was small - I remember him having so many v-neck cable sweaters in all colours!!!

This is me with my cousin John sitting on the running board - yes running board - of my Dad's car.

Thank goodness she abandoned putting a bow in my hair from hereon!!! (The baby is Christine - cousin John's sister.)

It's interesting that something you think is finished, when you look at it on here you can see so many opportunities for embellishments and doodling so while the girls are busy working on their albums I shall continue to add to mine.

Well, apart from classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday that is what I have been doing this week. I started another mixed media painting this morning so the image is sketched on the canvas and hopefully I might have some time and/or energy over the weekend to add some paint to it.

Colin returned from the UK on Thursday and said how cold and wet it was there. The weather has been sooo HOT here that it makes you feel sooo lethargic. I would love to be able to send some to my friends and family in the UK so they can sit in their gardens and enjoy a touch of sun that does so much to help the health and temper.

Hoping some sunshine will come your way
Sue x

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