Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zero energy - no chance!

From front clockwise - Olivia, Dayana, Blanca, Duna, Eva, Ima, Lauren

No chance of having zero energy or inspiration tonight!!!

Duna arrived with her friend Blanca, Dayana was having her friend for a sleepover so she brought Olivia along and Eva brought her friend Ima and with Lauren that made seven!!! Luckily I had prepared some preprinted skittles and bowling balls from a cd along with some glitter card and off they went. No envelopes so they had to learn how to make their own which they mastered at lightning speed.

They then cut out presents which they matted and layered onto more glitter card and then to see if they were listening and watching they had to make another envelope. Luckily they were and soon it was "Sue I've finished" - well it would be if they all spoke English. Lauren and Olivia are English, Dayana is Russian/Canadian but speaks beautiful English but Eva, Duna, Ima and Blanca only speak Spanish so huge linguistic problems for me - I don't get enough chance to speak Spanish and all the words I know seem to fall out of my head when I lie on my side in bed!!!lOl!

After a quick break of Pringles, juice and water it was off again this time wth some Spirelli. They are quick learners and so another card along with yet another envelope was made.

With so many requests for asssitance it's a wonder there is a photo to show!
A successful evening and seven very happy girls went home.

I came home, grabbed all the cushions, back and all off the sofa and put my feet up and watched Four Weddings. It really is a hoot. My daughter and I phone each other in the adverts comparing notes on who should win...or not! so that'smy evening, I am now off to bed

Bye for now

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