Monday, August 24, 2009

Noise and mess!!!!!

For the last few weeks the much needed road improvement of a roundabout instead of traffic lights has been going on outside the shop and last Monday it was the turn of our side of the road for the make over. First they stripped away the layer of pavors...

...then on Friday they drilled to remove the lower layers of pavement - the shops foundations were rockin' !! - the noise that day was indescribable!!!

Thankfully, Friday I finish at 1pm and so they drilled on without me and by Saturday all that was left was the clearing away of the boulders...

As I was locking up this evening the digger was being loaded onto a skip complete with digger driver - so I dashed back to get my camera much to the amusement of the men outside - and gave a silent cheer as they drove away.

Hopefully, they will now start to reconstruct the pavement and restore the peace - although I would wish that it would be studded with something to stop the cyclists, often complete with helmets and lycra shorts - yes full grown men - gggrrrr!!!! cycling past. OK gripe over.

All the noise and mess doesn't seem to have deterred the customers - the shop and classes have been busier than ever during this mad time so thank you for your tolerance one and all.

Here is the lovely Eva with the cards she made tonight

and the equally delightful Dayana with hers - although she is hiding the purple one as it is a secret for someone special

Dayana did mention that she would prefer music to the noise so I promised to take the radio back to the shop.

Here is a small sample of the projects I have been making for classes and workshops -

...more to come so keep watching this space.

Bye for now

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thekathrynwheel said...

Hey, Sue! For a while I haven't been able to get on your blog, it kept making my computer crash but I have come back from my hols to find I can get back on it again! Great! I don't understand computers! Glad the roadworks are over :-) The card projects look fab x