Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A bit of journalling

Now that's surprised you hasn't it! Me posting twice in as many days!
Having completed all the things on my immediate to do list - there are other lists - ie buy new sandals, book dental check-up, buy paper and carrier bags for the shop, etc,etc... I could go on...but the immediate things are all done and so I awarded myself a play date this morning. Flicking through my moleskin I found this background done a while ago - it has acrylic paint, oil pastels and a little doodling on it - but it seemed to be right for how I felt and

here it is completed. I added a couple of magazine images, some journalling, a
bit of random stamping, a pair of numbers cut from packaging and alcohol inked, more doodling and a quote that I thought seemed most appropriate... given that the temperature is..... well,  HOT!
Right, I'm off to jump in the pool to try to cool down so
Bye for now

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thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, the page looks great finished. It's nice to see the before and after. Enjoy the Spanish sunshine - the weather has been pants in the UK, we haven't had any summer yet!