Thursday, August 19, 2010

Playdate and a pressie...

I started this page in my moleskine this morning and shall try to add some journalling later. I tried to capture the essence of girls having fun together. My lovely blog friend Kate Crane (of Craft Stamper fame) and her family are here on holiday at the moment. Kate came to the shop today for a playdate and brought in her 365 day challenge diary and her A4 and A5 moleskine journals to show me (at my request I may add). They are all so fabulous - so much to take in - too much in fact.
We both layered paint and ink and other messy stuff on our pages and we were so engrossed in our work we didn't notice the time and it was gone half past two before we realised. She went off to join her family at the beach and I realised I hadn't taken a photo of her page. Hopefully we will meet up again before she goes home.

Kate gave me a fabulous atc - in her own special style - I am so doing a happy dance. Isn't it just gorgeous and aren't I the lucky one. Sadly the photo doesn't show the sheen or the brightness of the colours but in real life it's even more lovely. I tried to take a photo of us holding my camera not very successfully... Kate took a much better one with her camera that she will email me when she gets home but here's this one for now...Here's this week's project for the youngsters who come to class....
the frame and easel were given a paint wash just to soften the look while keeping the woodgrain... detail of the lollipop flowers.... and the butterfly....stamped, coloured, Stickled and with a beaded body and antennae

Here's the girls from last night who worked so hard with their work

Becky, Katie, Dayana, Sabrina, Megan Bye for now

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