Friday, August 27, 2010

A few assorted cards and things...

I was doodling and decided to tear out the page and make it into a birthday card for my daughter Victoria, for her birthday on 4th September. If you look really closely you may be able to see that the flag in the top right corner says "is 32"

This mornings class was doodling and the ladies, though apprehensive at first, thoroughly enjoyed themselves - I showed them fifteen basic patterns and then asked them to use them in an atc sized rectangle top left and then I showed them ribbons - top right and below. We were enjoying ourselves so much that I forgot to take any photos - I have never had such a quiet class!!! Interesting how all their atc's were totally different using the same patterns.
These are two cards I made for a dear friend Erica who lost her lovely husband John to cancer last week - the one on the left is the one Colin and I are sending and the other one is for the men Colin and John played golf with to sign. I have such lovely memories of John - he used to come to collect Erica and sit himself down and munch the ginger biscuits - Colin and I had some lovely times with him and Erica and it's hard to believe we won't see him again.

Here's the fifth and final card in the kinetic series - its the Diamond fold card. I am sending it to my granddaughter Abigail for her 11th birthday on 5th September... and here's Lorraine, Mu, me, Margaret and Barbara with the cards they made last Friday in class... Bye for now


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Melva Bates said...

Hi Sue,
Arrived home safely. Just about to try my new templates. The black & white book looks great. Melva