Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Doodle bugs

A small selection of pages from one of myA5 doodling journals....

Eleven girls came to class tonight. I showed them 15 basic patterns for doodling.They were then asked to draw a 10 x 15cm rectangle with a curved horizontal line and a looped vertical line and they had to use these patterns to design a picture.
After a break we then drew bugs from our names. Lots of laughter followed.

Here's some of the girls showing their alien name bugs....

Right I am off for some dinner so
Bye for now


thekathrynwheel said...

This is a cool idea! Fun!

Lesley said...

Gorgeous doodles' I love doodling and may start a book myself - such a good idea. Thank you for the idea.
Lelsey x

Kirsti said...

This kind of doodling is daughter loves to show her friends how it is done!!!