Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bye for a few days...

Just a quick post tonight as in the early hours I have to get up and go to Valencia airport where I am going to Brussels to spend a few days with my lovely friend Tanya. We will be going to Holland to kkd where she is working and I am taking a class with Tim (eat your heart out Linda E) - you know that man Tim who can make a 1 and a half hour class fly past in 5 seconds with just a tag and a bottle of rock candy stickles!!!!lol!

I have prepped a few journal pages and have also popped a few felt tips and oil pastels in my handbag - no scissors or glue stick though - to pass the hours spent at the airport - I don't know how many I will manage to do anything to but the intention is there!!

BTW - last year Colin had 10 rolls of easi-lift tape confiscated at Birmingham airport in case he tied anyone up with it. The fact that you can tear it easily didn't cut any ice with the confiscating jobsworth!!! It caused a great deal of laughter for a few weeks in the shop I can tell you.

and a few Teesha style pages...

Last night the girls started a Spring album but I forgot to take photos...

Monday night class was full - six lovely little girls painting and decorating wooden boxes. They unscrewed all the metal fittings before painting, decorated the box and screwed it all back together again and considering their ages they did a remarkably good job.

Jenny 9, Vivi 7, Dayana 9

Emily 6

Sarah 6 and Mina 6

Right now I really am off to bed - up again at 3am so night, night


kirsticoo said...

A few pages Sue!!!! Think that is more than I have in my entire have a great time in Holland...xoxo

M@risk@ said...

Hi Sue, I found your blog looking at Tanya's. Nice to see pictures of the kids workshop you told about. It was lovely to meet you last weekend. Enjoy the rest of your stay and hope to meet again. Grtz. Mariska

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I've found your blog too! So nice to meet you at KKD!