Thursday, February 25, 2010

Working hard but not always finishing!!!

Haven't gone - just been working hard.
Some people have shops... not craft ones mind... and just turn up, stand behind the counter and serve the customers. Not in my craft shop... I do it all from ordering, stocking the shelves, preparing and teaching 5 classes a week and cleaning the floors and making the coffees. Well not quite as Colin does the books once a quarter. Hardly a day goes by without me humping a load of stuff into or out of the shop. I work at home on samples and other projects and so some stuff has to be shipped back and forth by me. I don't have two Big Shots and sets of dies or two Bind-It-All's although I do have quite a bit(quite a lot actually) at home but whenever I need something it is always at the other place!!! Quite frustrating - that is probably why I have so many unfinished projects - at least that's my excuse!!!Lol!

We have had two months of rain and when it rains the electricity is iffy and just goes OFF - no warning - OFF just like that so the other night when Colin said he was going for a curry with a couple of his golfing buddies I thought Yes! tv remote, phone, computer mine all mine all night - well, how wrong can a girl be!!! You guessed it - a few minutes into talking to Tanya on facebook PFF and OFF it went. In all seven power cuts so in the end I gave up and went to bed taking a torch - at least I could read my book just like old times when I was young reading under the bedclothes and listening to Radio Luxemburg!!!!!

Anyway, when Tanya was here in November she made a fabulous paper bag album for me to use as a workshop. A customer Lin had seen it but hadn't been able to make the workshop date so I said if she got a friend to come I would run it for the two of them and today did just that. Her friend Be was such a laugh and we discovered we were both Brummies although both had left there long ago so quite a bit of reminiscing went on. Both of them did a fantastic job.

This is Be showing her album "Don't take my picture until I let down my hair and put my lippy on"... and having checked that the photo was to her satisfaction.....

and this is Lin who was laughing at all this...

I had a wonderful day ladies and I hope you did too.

Here's a small peek at a couple of projects that are on my desk in the hope that showing them will spur me on to finish them. I've told you before how many unfinished things I have on the go snd I have decided that if I put them on here maybe someone will say hey Sue have you finished this... or that..... yet and give me the push I need.

This is my take on an album I saw at Tanya's made from a case used for sending cd's so I re-sized the template to fit a sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock. As usual I made it and then realised the stamp I wanted to use was not here so..... couldn't stick it down!!!

and then there's the album part made from Paintables cardstock as a mica workshop/class needing just that little something...

and the photo of Colin's parents in the late 1930's when they were courting (what a wonderful old-fashioned word that is) just laid on a canvas along with the embellishments - well I might want to change where I put them!!

I'll save the other unfinished projects for another day as I have a pile of ironing calling my name - put off from Tuesday when I JUST HAD to watch Tim and Suze and Claudine on QVC.

so Bye for now


tanya watts said...

owwww the ladies did really well on the album! i'm glad they liked it. the paintables are looking good! and good idea to resize the template of that little box album, it is a really cool workshop that one, i must have done hunderds of them in the past, glad to be able to pass it on to you :) i still feel rotten about being so friggin busy when you were here :(

take care xx

Linda said...

Hi Sue
Thank you so much for a lovely day lots of fun learning new technique's, culminating in a beautiful book we really enjoyed the day.
We also appreciate the amount of time & work you put in getting every thing ready for us.
Can you finish the Maker project looks grate would love to do the work shop
Looking forward to seeing you soon
Luv Lin xx

Linda said...

sorry that was the mica project
still looks good. Luv Lin x