Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yesterday I arrived at the shop as usual - wish this mess was over and done with thought I....and then...... a concrete mixer arrived..... and out of it came all this wet concrete!!!!! aaaahhhhh!!! I'm stranded !!! marooned!!!!

Next thought is how will my customers get in..... so open the door and say in my best Spanglish to the jefe (boss, chief) the one in the blue shirt guiding the concrete

""?que estas haciendo? what are you doing????""

hey my ladies are arriving in 10 minutes! Lots of hand gestures and.....planks are put down and

Mu and Marianna are gallantly helped into the shop...

Sadly, I missed Margaret arriving but with her dodgy hip I didn't dare ask her to replay getting in so we settled down to making Christmas cards.

Another lovely day in paradise!!!
Bye for now

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