Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Joy oh! Joy

After a fabulous day yesterday life returned to normal today - joy oh! joy!!!

Pavement outside still looks like Beirut ......

and to add to all this delirium they have now started working on removing the rendering on the building (9 apartments and about 6 shops). I spoke to the builder and he tells me 2 months...........I suppose that is the same time frame the pavement boss used when he told me it would all be finished in 2 weeks more or less and we are now well into week 4!!!

Still I do have two gorgeous new moleskine 8 x 5 sketchbook journals and Pitt pens Mum bought me.
I painted with Claudine's creamy, translucent paints and stamped with lids and bubble wrap and did a bit of journalling to get the feel of the pages - so strokeable and smooth - mmmm!! the same feelings as chocolate - I will add the journalling to the right hand side later time permitting.

The inside front cover was next and I just drew some lines and added some words....

...and then I cannibalised a couple of loose pages I had made previously by removing the magazine images and adding the new improved version in my journal. I might add some colour to the right hand page - or then again I might leave it just as it is!!!...just because I can!

Ok - now have some lunch, look at the newspaper and back for the kidz club - still not renamed - must get the girls to thinking about that tonight.

so Bye for now

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thekathrynwheel said...

Ooh, you made a start in your new journal! Well done :-) Looks good. There'll be no stopping you now! Kate