Thursday, September 3, 2009

new journal for quotes.

This morning I decided to put some of the many quotes I have collected into a new small journal that I spent most of the class last night gessoing. I chose my quote, decided how I was going to lay it out on the page and as I was only going to use black and white and a limited amount of coloured pencil I decided that the fact that my Pilot fine liner wasn't waterproof didn't matter!! I was very pleased with the way I wrote Believe and adorned it and then drew the flower and leaves to the left of it, causing the side of my hand to smudge the word. No mistakes in art I thought so on I went. I completed the opposite page and duly smuged the word art and the leaves to balance it all out!!! My next thought was that if it smudged while I was working on it I should spray it with hairspray to set it and prevent further smudging. This I duly did and watched in horror as the black lines all ran!!!!!!!

I stress to the children the importance of not tearing pages out of their journals and looking at them again another day but my mantra has been sorely tested today.

I threw the journal into my bag and came home!!!

Any ideas for tidying this up will be very welcome.

The kerbstones outside the shop are now set in place so the workmen achieved more than I did this morning!!!

Going to have a cheese and cucumber roll and then taking Bailey for a much needed haircut at 3.30 - at least I am not doing the cutting!!!
so Bye for now

PS Notice the actual wording in the journal!!!!!!!!



tanya watts said...

hiya, ohhhh i've been bad blogger and eader, just so much on my plate! too much. but i think i've caught up on your blog now :)

about the messed words, well they are petty messed lol so what to do? i would either stitch the pages together and make it into a pocket page or gesso over the whole thing and start over and throw the pilot pen as far away as possible or you will pick it up again!!! speak soon xox

thekathrynwheel said...

Hi Sue, I'm enjoying seeing your journaling :-) Have you read Visual Chronicles? They spray their wording with water to make them look just like this! Enjoy your moleskine and your pitt pens. Have fun. Kate