Friday, October 17, 2008

Some of the wonderful people I met at Ranger U

Lindy from Norway and Tanya from Belgium who I spent many happy hours with outside Ranger HQ.

The very talented Michael from jack and cat curio who does amazing things with beeswax who sat between myself and Aimee here. He didn't seem to mind being the only man among 23 females.

Jackie (on the left) was great fun. She sat opposite me and so we shared products as well as lots of laughs. She is sooo funny! Her sister Patti (right) helped with just about everything from fetching water, helping when we were stuck and generally just being there for everyone. They are holding a book they have written and which they gave to Lindy, Tanya and myself. So pleased to have met them and enjoyed their company. Mind you, Jackie had to be watched very carefully (like a 5 year old!!) when anything involved water so you can imagine sitting opposite her wielding a hammer!!!!!
Enough for now....more tomorrow.
Bye, Sue

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