Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I decorated this photoframe...

...and submitted it as one of my pieces when I applied to Ranger U. Norah (on left)saw it displayed in the shop,liked it and came in to learn how it was done. The friend whose birthday she was making it for came into the shop just before this photo was taken and distraction tactics were called for!!!!!

Christine (middle) was making a trifold Christmas card and Lorraine on right an iris folded golf card for her son's birthday this Thursday.
Tuesday morning is a class when people drop in and do their own thing or ask how something is done.
A man free zone with a coffee when the world is put to rights!!!

Gotta go now - kidz club at 5.30 - I know I'm the oldest kid there!!! LOL!
Bye Sue

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tanya watts said...

a man free zone with coffee!? add chocalate and i'm in!! haha!
great photo frame!!
xxx tanya