Friday, October 17, 2008

More of Ranger U

On the right are the three amazingly talented people, Tim, Claudine and Suze, who introduced us to so many lovely techniques (75 in all over the three days!!!) yes you did see right -75!
The paper hats they are wearing were made by a group of us on Saturday evening back at the hotel to celebrate our "graduation" on Sunday. We decorated them secretly on Sunday and all donned them when the certificates were given out. As you can see we made a few extra!!!

This is me with the wonderful Suze Weinberg who took the Friday morning class - we made lovely display boards using her products. When I have taken a photo of it I will put the picture on here.
I gave her a fan brought from Spain and on her blog she called the photo a fan from a fan. Sorry Suze, I lifted the photos from your blog!

Below is Claudine Hellmuth who showed us her new line in paints and we spent Friday afternoon playing!! and making an album of tags complete with a decorated cover.

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