Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have really mucky fingers...

...because I have been working on the December workshop project, "and now for something completely different". This was all sketched out before I went to Ranger but just did not have enough time to make it before I went. It involves different techniques. I have used dabbers, spray inks, stickles, etc and have just stopped as I realised my eyes were not working too well anymore. I would give a preview but as it is all in pieces at the moment you will have to wait a while. Bearing in mind that this is Saturday evening you can see what a roaring social life I have!!!!! ...not!

Back to last Wednesday and the November "love Laura Ashley" workshop. Didn't you know I forgot to take the camera so there are no photos of Lin, Diane, Frances and Norah who played along with me. We made a scrapbook page and two cards, along with a Bind-It-All album to which I added tags with lots of different techniques to the pockets and stamped the blank pages using the stamps, mica powders, stickles...messy but did you expect anything else! Anyone that knows me comes across me in the supermarket with a glittery face and painty hands. Michelle from Trimcraft gave me the basic album after I watched her demonstrate it.
The Bind-It-All is great. It is my new favourite toy. I am working on an 8 x 8 Christmas album for the kidz club so that I can use it again! I can see it featuring in many more projects!!!
I am tired and stiff so I am off to bed now. More ramblings tomorrow.
Bye, Sue

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