Saturday, October 8, 2011

feeling sorry for myself...and it's all Colin's fault!!!

Not really but he had the cold first!!!
I made this jigsaw piece to teach lots of techniques to the ladies. It involves using three different types of inkpad, some stamping both with ink and paint, triple embossing, shrink plastic - loads of laughs and oohs and aaahs there - and a sprinkling of accent beads. Went down a treat... and here are yesterday morning ladies showing their jigsaw pieces - I managed to get through the class OK somehow as I have a really bad cold - closed the shop an hour early today though as I felt so sorry girls forgot to take photos of the lovely work you did today... Here's my lovely Wednesday girls , Arlette, Alice and Celine showing the Christmas tags they made...

and here's the Monday girls...Sienna, Liza, Ana, Dayana.Daniella, Ciara and Lauren...

As I said earlier I have a really bad cold, shivering, head pounding, teeth aching - going back to bed so

Bye for now


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