Thursday, September 8, 2011

A birthday party and a few days away...

Just a quick update as Colin and I are off to dinner with friends Molly and Arie so I'll be brief...
This morning was my Birthday and having only arrived home at 1.30 am from Belgium I was quite tired but with a Christmas Open Day on Saturday to prepare for I still went to the shop.
My friends Inga and Molly came to help along with Yaa my lovely Saturday girl and Inga's lovely daughter Dayana and we all got stuck in making yet more cards and pricing up products and unpacking and other stuff.
Inga lured me to the front of the shop while they put up a Happy Birthday banner and balloons and set the table for a party with chocolate cake...I spent a few days away with Tanya in Belgium also visiting Holland for a trade show and we had a really good time even though Tanya got tired after her battle with cancer.
We stayed in a superb hotel in Holland and they spoilt us rotten with the food.
Tanya had mozzarella with tomato tower, consomme and hand made croquettes on top of tomato in jelly for her starter... my goats cheese interspersed with black bread with pink grapefruit.....gorgeous... this was as delicious as it looked.....slice of dried apple on top of cinammon ice cream with crumbled meringue, apple mousse and the apple crumble tart itself.... Tanya and I at the hotel enjoying our apple crumble and cinammon ice cream... This was Friday morning's class before I drove to the airport. That's me up to date so

Bye for now


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thekathrynwheel said...

Happy birthday to you! X