Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kits for the kids

I was asked a few weeks ago if I had planned any courses for the school holidays and the answer was nothing more than the usual classes. These continue all throughout the year because whilst some of the regulars go to their homeland or just on holidays, the rest still attend added in with the children here on holiday from Madrid and Valencia or UK.

With this thought in mind I put together a kit consisting of a sketch book, two gel pens, two paint Dabbers (Ranger of course) and a selection of bits and bobs to help them with their journalling. I added doileys, die cuts, alphabet styles, phrases suitable for girls 8 to 14 - the hours I spent on the internet researching these - lids, sequin waste, a page of journalling prompts, a page of hints and tips which walks the girls through the order they can add layers - which we have been doing in class over the last six or so weeks and lots more.

These kits have proved to be very popular and so I decided to use exactly the same kit to make some example pages for the girls and here they are

I just loooove this page. Just a simple face from a magazine -the flower with eye is cut from another image so she has two different colour eyes - didn't we all love adding moustaches and glasses on photos in newspapers when we were younger - this is hopefully just the next step up from that!
On this page I have used the sequin waste to add texture and stamped with lids using Stream and Mountain Rose - my two chosen colours - a fun page... I did these next two pages to dispel the idea that you needed more than two colours. Some of the girls believe that more is more and I have tried to tell them that you use what you have this page is mostly images from magazines with a little Dabbered water and doodled word "blue" Colin is home shortly - he has been away in UK on a golfing jolly with our two sons - and I am sooo tired. Looking after two dogs and a cat, an 86 year old Mother and keeping myself fed and watered - most of which Colin takes care of has taken its toll and add in the neighbour two doors down who had a party on Thursday night which had a singer with a microphone in his garden no less!!! belting out Elvis hits until 12,50 am!!! when I had gone to bed at 10 absolutely whacked for an early night. Add in looking after the shop, teaching classes, the washing and ironing, watering the plants all of which I always do anyway, de-pooing the garden - how can two little white fluff buckets produce so much of the stuff!! and a large delivery which Yaa helped me to check off, price up and put out yesterday and more projects in the pipeline and I think my head is about to burst! so before it does I will say

Bye for now and see you soon


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