Sunday, July 10, 2011

Language skills

Had an interesting morning on Friday. The ladies came to make lollipop flowers from fabric and kitchen paper.

Four ladies in class - no problem you would think and normally you would be right -such a small group would be quite a pleasure -

well it was a pleasure and thankfully I had asked Yaa my lovely Saturday girl to come in to help in the shop. Let me explain...

Pilar, the lady Yaa is helping, is Spanish and only speaks Spanish and when you don't understand her she says it again...only faster! She is so keen the words cannot tumble fast enough as she tries to explain......

Barbara (standing) is English and only speaks English

Chantal in stripes is Belgian and only speaks French

are you with me so far .....

and Emma is English but has lived in Spain since age 13 and luckily also knows French from school

and so between us all we had some very interesting conversations.

Since living here in Spain my language skills - rusty to say the least - have been sorely tested.
I have a wide variety of crafters coming into the shop from Germany, Netherlands and France and the like. I learnt French and German at school but was never very confident at the verbals and with the passage of time ...well need I say more.....mange tout, mange tout!! a la Del boy!

but it all went well and they are back for more next week so they all must have enjoyed it.

Right, need to get the ironing done but it's soooo HOT. Might just leave it till later!!!!!

Bye for now

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thekathrynwheel said...

Oh ha ha! I bet that was like a sketch out of a sitcom! You have a few extra challenges in your craft classes!