Friday, April 29, 2011

Not the Royal Wedding...

Well today, on the day of the Royal Wedding in the UK, the excitement wasn't much in evidence here in Spain. No bunting, street parties,etc and life seemed to go on as usual on the street outside and the shop was as busy as ever - except for my ladies at class. Barbara , however, said nothing was going to stop her coming to class - she comes for a week or two every month and times her flights to maximise attendance! How's that for making one feel good - did you like that "one"!!! slight royalty effect rubbing orf methinks!!!

Anyway, as there was just Barbara and me I got out the airdry clay and the new Karantha moulds and we played. We were having so much fun that I got out my meltpots and we did some Utee-ing too.
The face above is airdryclay with mica powder, the crown is Utee poured into a mold and pour mould and the free shape is Utee poured over a stamp and rubbed over with mica.

Add some copier paper spritzed with mica, some heat embossing, some crackle paint and to make it look really ancient I rubbed it over with my fingertip dipped into a Frayed Burlap Distress ink pad - stick all that to a canvas and you have a piece to be proud of.

This is Barbara's canvas and airdry clay pieces. She certainly didn't rush away to her TV after 2 hours either!!! I can safely say we both had a fantastic morning - no pressure, no stress, just pure enjoyment.

I have been making lots of projects for future classes and so haven't been blogging of late but I can show you the window display with the letters covered with Teresa Collins new range. It has caused a lot of comments, all of them positive I am pleased to say and I really enjoyed "creating" them.

The cards on the lower shelf are ....gasps in horror....the "decoupage" range from Nitwit designs and at Stitches I thought it was just the thing to attract the ladies who don't as yet frequent my shop as they are bright and colourful. Well, time will tell but again they have had very positive feedback. Myself, I prefer distressed and vintage but not all crafters think that way.
I will be back later in the week with photos of some of the projects.

Right I am off for an early night so

Bye for now


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thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, looks like you had a great morning playing :-)
Loving your window display too!