Saturday, June 19, 2010

A bit of scrapbooking

In amongst all the lists of things I have to do are

samples of scrapbooking

display boards of cards showing different techniques

decide upon and make samples for the next few months workshops

ditto Christmas card classes and workshops

finish!!! previously started projects (I am hoping Tanya might help give me the kick I need when she comes at the end of this month!)

get a pedicure and manicure - omg the state of my fingernails!!!

make up the bed for my son and his girlfriend who are coming tomorrow for 2 weeks

and to top all of this my car wouldn't start this morning so I had to call a taxi to get me to the shop...and to top even that Colin has been trying to get my car working and.....trying to do this without our battery charger - now who did he lend that to??? your guess is a good as his or mine??? he tows my car up the drive without properly closing the door , it swings back, hits a tree and the door has been broken!!!! aaaggghhh!!!

so now Sue BREATHE!!! ohm ... let all be peaceful and calm.

Anyway, I am trying to get my scrap crop established and to that end I have been making loads of different scrapbook pages to display. These are a few of the ones I made using die cuts.

Nadia wanted to make a canvas for her and her husband's anniversary so she came to the shop on Thursday - traditionally a very quiet day. Huh! did I say quiet - poor girl was left on her own so much but she did a wonderful job and left very happy....

so happy in fact that she came along to class the following day.we coloured glossy card from a technique with Distress inks and re-inkers that I found on Annaliese's blog and using Tim's dies and stamps we made it into a box.

I am off to a new restaurant that a friend is opening tonight so

Bye for now


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thekathrynwheel said...

Oh dear! Sounds like you will be v busy. Hope you will have the shop in ship-shape by the time I visit in August heehee!! The new shop looks fab by the way :-)