Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Friday's class

I have been asked to put the projects on here that I teach in class so here are three canvases that I made with Valentine's Day in mind. Ladies, you will be able to make one of these this Friday the 3rd February - the choice will be yours but you will need to bring your own photos.
The pictures on mine are from a Darkroom Door sheet and I paired up the men with ladies -
the first canvas is the teenage innocence - when they believe they will be together forever and friends forever - soft and sweet the second is the older stage of romance - the wining and dining and loads of red roses to show you care -
and the third one is the settled down - maybe married or planning a wedding but still very romantic -
Am I daft - or do you see what I see in them - let me know...
and I will be back tomorrow with the next week's projects.

Bye for now

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