Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Colds and flu are going round and round...

bad blogger that I am this is another marathon post...

I actually made something today - well a couple of things actually!!! I made a birthday card for a good friend so I can only show glimpses until she has received it........

.....and then with the Wednesday girls tonight - the flu is going round the schools here like wildfire so we were sadly depleted - I showed the girls how to stamp an Outline stamp and then a fold here and a pinch there and make it into a fancy thingy that you put on top of a present. Add a jewel and a bit of Stickles and voila!



Yesterday was a fiesta so the shop had to be closed for the day. Colin was flying back from the UK so I had envisaged a nice lie-in but no it was not to be - he texted me at 7.50 to say his 9.30 flight was on time!!! I know to a lot of people 7.50 was a lie-in but I was just so disappointed. I'm not whinging really!!!lol!

We sat in the sunshine (23 degrees) and had a long lunch with friends Erica and John who are sadly moving back to live in Erica's native Germany.

On Monday the girls made bauble toppers - again illness meant there were fewer girls...



They concentrate so hard...

I was asked to start a Saturday morning class for other youngsters - so they too made bauble toppers ( do you see a theme emerging here!!!




A couple more weeks and then we are off to the woods!!! Well, Centre Parks at Penrith in 3 chalets - the whole family and some of the new inlaws of daughter Victoria - 20 in all so a mad, mad Christmas in view.

I just hope that the lurgy that the girls have mostly all had passes me by. Colin, who hasn't been to a Dr in 40 odd years, has gone to bed early with a hacking cough and cold blaming it on the awful English weather so I shan't be going to bed too soon as I don't want whatever it is he's got!!! It's not that I'm unsympathetic but being a one woman business I can't afford to be ill.

I am going to make a mug of hot choccy and go and get my fix of Golden Balls that I recorded this afternoon...

so Bye for now

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