Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our day out together - a rare thing

I asked Colin if we could have a day out as I am at the shop 6 days a week and he is at the golf club 4 days a week and we never seem to do anything together. We went to Xativa, a medieval town in the mountains some 80km inland from Javea.

Bailey was in the car faster than you can blink. He loves going out in the car.

We pulled up a few km from Xativa to take this photo. The castle is at the top of the hill on the left.

The police car is a "smart car"!!!

We walked through this lovely park to the church at the top of the hill in the town.

The lamp posts on the main street were just so beautiful!

The town was having a blessing for the animals outside the church. There were horses, donkeys and carts, dogs, a lady carrying a cat, a boy with a bird in a cage and a little girl with her goldfish!

What a contrast! The convent window and door opposite such a lavish door to a house.

We walked up to the castle which is on the outskirts of the town very high on a hill.

We could see for miles and miles! Xativa is the town below us.

We drove home the "pretty" route through the mountains. Dozens and dozens of hairpin bends, twists and turns but we made it home in one piece thankfully, tired but very happy. All in all a fabulous day.

I am now going to make us some hot chocolate and take mine to bed. Night night
Sue xx

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