Saturday, January 10, 2009

HI, I'm back!!!

and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you. Better late than never.

Well I've been a long time away. Classes, the shop, working on projects for 2009 workshops and classes, Christmas and New Year with family visiting and quarter and year end books to get done - whew! but I have survived. I know how a single Mum feels!!! my shop = my kids!!! Colin did have a pretty BIG moan "do you ever talk/think about anything but the shop"..... and now my best friend Ros who lives in Jeddah is here for a couple of weeks. She loves to play cards (hearts, spades sort) and as she is here for such a short time we play 51 most evenings. I pleaded a headache tonight.

I photographed the Christmas album the kidz have been working on but the colours are not very true. They are the Ranger broken china/worn lipstick colours and turquoise and pink of the Blonde Moments papers.

Front cover stamped with Paper Artsy stamps and coloured with Ranger Distress inks

Stippled over and through Grungeboard - I love this stuff - it reminds me of the smell of new handbags!!!

Spritz and flick technique behind the lovely Bobby snowman by the artistic stamper and he is sitting on Crystal stickles snow - loadsa glitter!

Front and back covers with Blonde Moment parcels glittered (the kidz just love glitter!!!)

more glitter on the stocking tops ..... and my Santa page was hole punched with the Bind It All on the wrong side!!!!! I'm more dangerous than the kidz!!!!

I was given a blog award by the talented Kate of the Kathryn Wheel in December but sorry Kate, I didn't catch it. Hopefully you will forgive me and I will redeem myself this year and really earn it.
Visit her website at to see her wonderfully inspiring work. There is a give away on there until next Friday - which of course I am going to win Ha!ha!

My Ranger best buddy, the lovely Tanya Watts has tagged me. I have to share with you 5 addictions so here goes.....

The first has definitely got to be chocolate. I enjoy the British sort, the Cadbury's, Mars, Galaxy type and not the special Belgian or truffle sort. Sorry to all you chocolate purists out there but I am a Philistine when it comes to chocolate.

Second has to be my dog Bailey and my cat Tia. I just love these littlies to death. They are always so pleased to see you when you came home. I spent a very pleasant girly afternoon with Bailey's girlfriend and two of their puppies, Teddy and Kitty (oh, and their Mum's of course)

Third addiction has to be living in Spain. I cannot bear the cold and the thought of returning to scraping ice off the car and a 12 minute journey to work taking the best part of half an hour in heavy traffic when I can be at work in 7 minutes, park right outside the shop even though it is on the Main Road through Javea and be home in 7 minutes and walk the dog through the forest outside the house can't be beaten.

view of the forest from the balcony off my bedroom - not taken this morning

going to the shop this morning - Bailey thinks he is coming too!!..and the oranges are so sweet

Addiction 4 is crafting - especially with Ranger products. The colour palette is so easy to use and suits my style of work perfectly. I also love the funkiness (is that a word??) of Paper Artsy and Blonde Moment stamps.

Addiction 5 has to be looking at other people's blogs! I spend so long usually (not in the last 2 weeks or so) that it leaves me with my head spinning with ideas and so little time to actually do my own work!
So that's me all I have to do is think of the 5 people I am going to tag. I think I'll leave that till tomorrow as its almost midnight and I was supposed to be having an early night!

I'll be back tomorrow, bye for now Sue x


tanya watts said...

oh so you did get to update your blog love! at last!

we share two addictions hihi! and i think the one on notebooks too! we went notebook shopping in NJ remember?
i knew why i had to tag you! kick you more like it haha! sorry! my humour....

xox tanya

SueC said...

thanks tanya I needed that kick up the b......e
I know we share the notebook addiction but I didn't want to seem as if everything was the same as yours.
sue xxx
ps the orange tree will be the view from the bedroom window when you come to stay!