Wednesday, November 19, 2008

will this year please slow down

On Monday morning I took my lovely Lhasa Apso, Bailey to the vets for the male doggy "op". When we fetched him home on Monday evening our cat, Tia went up to him, kissed his face and snuggled up with him under my coat . The poor thing was still spaced out yesterday and kept looking as if to say "What's missing, I feel different!""
This is him and me on a normal but "bad hair day!!"

I can't believe we are well through November already. Where has this year gone? They do say that as you get older the years pass more quickly and it seems so true at the moment. Classes are buzzing - along with my head. I wouldn't mind if it was the wine...but I don't drink!!! Still everyone seems to be enjoying the classes and that is what makes me so happy.
This morning we did a class using bleach and watching the amazement on faces as the colours on the card changed was priceless. Brown card turned orange and then yellow, greeen card changed to pinky lilac whilst the blue card hardly changed at all. A real eye-opener. Why do I always forget to use the camera!!!
Still I did manage to capture the joy on the faces of Sophie and Alice on Monday night when they took home the Christmas hoops they have been working on for a couple of weeks.

I have been trying to get next year's workshops planned, projects made and details published for a couple of weeks now but life intervenes too much!!!

Colin went to the UK yesterday to see his 90 year old Dad and my 83 year old Mum, both living alone at the moment but for how much longer we don't know, so I have until Sunday night when he returns to get moving. Will go now and get things out ready for tomorrow lunchtime when I close the shop and can play. I have a kidz club for the older girls tonight from 5.30 so no time today to get started.
Bye, Sue x

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