Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let's try making something with inchies!

I thought I would put on these two cards I made using inchies. I don't make anything other than cards, Atc's and scrapbooking but I challenged myself. It was my friend Deb's birthday and as she is a patchwork whizz and a cordon bleu cook (anyone who knows me will know I don't DO cooking) I made this patchwork apron with inchies and also the other card both of which were inked, stamped over and generally distressed. I was very pleased with the way they turned out but the photos don't do the colours justice. The orange is copper pearl card which shimmers subtly and gives a lovely contrast to the rest which is matte.

Yesterday I was so overwhelmed by receiving an award that I forgot to put on the cards we made in the Christmas class. Most of the ladies were complete beginners so they have to have very basic cards although I do try to push the boundaries - they soon tell me when I am pushing them too far! They liked the shaped cards - it's a start rather than a blank card!!! said one. I could still see a blank card but heyho! if that's what they see that's fine by me. We used glitter embossing powder and Paper Artsy, Blonde Moment and the Stamp Connection stamps.
For the second hour I challenged them to use only Blonde Moment scraps(large ones), stamps and black or dark green ink pads - no embossing. They could only use card stock for the base card. I showed them the three cards I had made and they got down to it and were very happy and would like to do it again. Yes!!! Happy customers, happy me!

Must get back to a little project I am working on for a friend - lets just say I bought ready mixed polyfilla or the Spanish equivalent today for it! so keep guessing!ha!ha!
Bye for now


tanya watts said...

hihi! inchies! never done inckies, they seem sooooo small but knowing me... as son as i say never i end up trying, pushing my boundries so to speak!
and hummmmm.... polyfilla hummm verrrry innntttterrrresssssting... it's a clue but darn! still no idea
xx tanya

tanya watts said...

hihi inchies not inckies though!!! it could be something new!!
Inckies TM haha!

Linda M. Cain said...

I LOVE this!
Linda Cain