Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An update and a new project...

I have just had the most horrible week...I travelled by plane back from the UK where I had been celebrating at my daughter's baby shower weekend and where I had had a lovely time...however, on the plane there seemed to be so many people coughing, sneezing and spluttering that when I woke up on Tuesday morning I thought I had been hit by a bus! And so followed the most awful week where the coughing left me so exhausted...today is the first day I actually felt well enough to get up and dressed.

 I have discovered a fantastic Australian artist called Tracey Fletcher King who has a project called cuppa with friends...she invites people to send her photos of their cups, however plain or fancy they may be and she draws one a day...it's a brilliant idea because everyone has cups or mugs around and it's a brilliant discipline to draw something each day...often it's the thought of what to draw that prevents us from getting our pens and pencils out...so here's my first drawing...I know that it's not perfect by a long way but it's a start and hopefully as the days pass and I draw more cups and mugs I will improve.....the shadow forming a heart on the side of the mug was what caught my eye and made me want to draw this one...
Bye for now 

Sue xx

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