Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Chirstmas

Yes, this is the blackboard at the pub where the Clifford family had their annual Christmas meal this year. As we are all scattered over three countries, England, Scotland and Spain and cannot all celebrate together we have a Christmas in November or December instead. It is a movable feast so we all gathered at daughter Victoria's house in Birmingham this year.
This is the scene that greeted us when we opened the curtains on Saturday morning - SNOW - Yuk!!! However, granddaughter Abigail and I braved this and went shopping. I may not like the big city that Birmingham is - in fact it is where Colin and I grew up and went to school - but the shopping cannot be faulted. The men tried to go golfing - what!!! - but settled for an indoor golf driving range instead.

Loads of shopping later the family regrouped and went for our annual meal.
l-r Our youngest son, Jon, daughter Victoria, her husband John and oldest son Lee.

We then went to the German market that stretches through the centre of Birmingham - it was packed with happy people all muffled up from the cold -brrr, was it chilly??? it was!!! but the hot chocolate laced with amaretto was gorgeous. Joshua and Abigail enjoyed the carousel.
Well, that was last weekend. I will try to catch up with the goings on here later - today is a fiesta so no work today. After doing the HUGE mountain of ironing - I aim to get my journals out and play and will be back later so
Bye for now
Sue xx

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