Friday, September 24, 2010

a new album

(this page got somehow deleted and won't let me put it back where it belongs...)
Saw the Dr this morning and he gave a clean bill of health to my lungs, its just that I have been left with this irritating tickly, cough thingy in my throat. Imagine clearing your throat a million times a day and that's it - very annoying.
So onto this weeks class - well for the next couple of weeks - a black and white album. I had decided I needed to do a new album and one of the girls had commented how many of her photos were brightly coloured and a black and white album would set them off nicely so putting two and two together this is what I came up with.
The front cover is a mixture of stamping, heat embossing, stippling, masking and different ways of colouring texture embossing.

a pocket and tag and a diecut bird and cage and a messy bit with some flowers...I'll tell you how to do this one next week ladies...I just love this Tim bird stamp and with a couple of pockets and tags and flowers...

here is where the deleted photo should be!!!
This is true black and white...
some ribbled mosaic and more flowersa textured pocket, a couple of tags and some painty, doodly stuff...

some stencilled stars..

some stamping and stuff with paint - stuff is my 8 year old grandson's favourite word when asked what he has been doing... a few little houses... A beautiful Tim Holtz flourish and some more painty stuff... some more stamping and heat embossing and stencillinga die cut frame and yet more flowers, a bit of doodling and an envelope for keeping momentos... back cover complete with die cut flowers and ricrac pierced and stitched Bind it, tie on a few ribbons and there you have it - the completed album

So here's this mornings ladies - Q, Diane, Brenda, Jean, Margaret and my lovely friend and helper Lorraine all making the front cover. Diane and Jean are both here on holiday and were able to learn the techniques without making the whole album and still take a lovely piece of work home. The photo was taken well over finishing time but well who's clock watching - sadly that's why Eileen is not on the photo as she had gone by this time Bye for now


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Bleh said...

Wow, this stuff is beautiful. I happened upon your blog. Great stuff, ladies!