Saturday, May 22, 2010

18 days later.....

Yes its 18 days since the new shop opened and it has been a whirlwind 18 days I can tell you. Classes have continued while boxes have been unpacked and all my customers have been most helpful in stepping around things. I have gained new pupils and new customers who never went past the old shop so the move seems to have been good so far.

I had to take a trip to Benidorm on Tuesday to renew my residencia so Inga stepped in to look after the shop while I went and just a morning away seemed to re invigorate me. Its amazing how consumed you can get and it's only when you take a step back can you see things more clearly which was just as well as I had a looong day on Wednesday with a five hour workshop, a kids class followed by my first scrapbook crop - so all in all 10am to 10p and all on my own.

Here is a random selection of photos from the last three weeks - sorry no work of mine as there hasn't been any. Colin is going away to the UK tomorrow for a golfing trip so I should have some me time over the next seven days. - amend that to I shall make time for me over the next seven days.

new shop

old shop


a Wednesday class

a Saturday class
a Monday class

so Bye for now
Sue x
ps. Kate looking forward to a playdate in August
Tanya see you in 39 sleeps

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luzblue said...

enhrabuena! puedes decir la nueva dirección? me gustaría visitarte