Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ps if anyone reading this knows how to add photos from an i-pad please email me - thanks x

omg its October!!!

I came back from Germany - a 16 hour trip - don't ask!!! with a chest infection and even though I am well recovered I don't seem to have caught up. Today, I have a day off as it is a fiesta here in the Valencia region - I also have the day off on Friday as that is Columbus day -woohoo! so time to try to catch up...

Right, well what have I been up to in my absence you may ask??? now, this is where things become difficult. In July Colin bought me an i-pad - omg my new best friend - and I have been taking loads of photos with it but haven't yet found out how to put them on my here - but I will... so bear with me and I will be back on Friday with photos of the Christmas fair, Germany, the 25 cards for 25 euros on the 25th  and all the Halloween stuff I have been making.

Now I am off to empty out two bathroom cabinets that have been acquiring stuff for seven years - who knows what I'll find there

Bye for now