Saturday, October 31, 2009

More art journal pages...

I started these two this morning...

...this one was done on Wednesday when I was crawling the walls...

...and this one is for today... Happy Halloween!!

Bye for now

Friday, October 30, 2009

More alcohol ink flowers and boxes

Just a quickie post today...We had a great time learning new alcohol ink techniques...

Mu pouncing away - her broken finger nicely cocked!! She didn't quite catch the bottle of water hubby Mike threw her. Ouch!!!

Margaret showing her finished box...

dinky blue earrings today...

and that's all folks!!
Bye for now

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another blog award

The lovely Tanya has sent me a blog award...

The award comes with rules...of course:
1 Thank the person who gave you the award... Thank you Tanya!
2 Copy the logo and place it in your blog. (see the logo above :)
3 Link the person who nominated you. ( linked in first sentence of this post)
4 Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5 Nominate 7 "Kreative Bloggers".
6 Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate7 Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know your nominated them.

so.... 7 things about myself no one would really know
1 I was taught dominoes and cards by my Grandad when he babysat me
2 I love liquorice mmmmm
3 I taught Colin’s scouts to cook gingerbread men over a camp fire
4 I am very happy in my own company
5 I used to ice skate and ice dance
6 I went to a Barry Manilow concert at the NEC in 1984-ish!
7 I adore eating asparagus

okay seven things about me you may or may not know or even want to know lol but there they are.

now to name others to do some sharing -
I am not going to name any bloggers - there are so many good ones out there,it is too difficult to choose.

Anyway, I am off to bed
Night night
Couple of days of catching up to do as I have been in so much pain with Sciatica I didn't know what to do with myself - couldn't stand, sit or lie down comfortably. Today is much easier.

Erica came in on Tuesday to do more work on her journal...

...and Tuesday earring, er no... zirconia!!! from Italy 2001...

...and Wednesday earring about these pink beauties!!!

...and the Wednesday girls did more work on their journals

Alice has been on holiday in USA for the past month so she hasn't made this journal and so tonight she made some Halloween atc's instead.

The girls are so talented...
Yaa brought in a sketch she has done of a friend...

and Mar brought in a canvas she has painted...

Mar finished her journal apart from running out of time to stick all the photos in

The girls do amazingly well considering their age and that there are 20 different techniques in this journal.

...and so this morning I sat down to do some more in my lovely moleskine journal - Thursday is always quiet as the market is on in the old part of town...who was I kidding - it was busy, busy, busy...but I did manage to get a layer of paint on three pages...

...and today's earring watch - small pink four square...quite sedate after all those danglies!!!

Anyway, I am having an afternoon of tidying, sorting and forward planning - I have all next years classes and workshops to think out, design and make so

Bye for now

Monday, October 26, 2009

Preparing for halloween

Now this really is what I call Monday...Sunday before you've gone to bed even if it is 00.46 is still Sunday in my book...

Anyway, this week being half term holiday some children (and adults) are away but for those that still wanted to come to class I made a few atc's for them to take inspiration from.....

both Dayana and Louisa came tonight and painted masks, unfortunately unfinished and made atc's.

Dayana's fabulous atc's..she is only 8 years old...

and wearing her mask....

...and Louisa who is 9 modelling her mask - her super atc's are on the table in front of her...

don't they both look gruesome!!! wish I knew how to put the pictures side by side??

Today's earring watch - these are lime and amber and hand made, bought when we visited La Coruna in the north of Spain some years back...

...think all this talk of Halloween and colour orange are having an effect on my hair - it's looking less blonde and more orange in every photo!! obviously some magic in the air!!!

Well, time for bed said Dougal or was it Zebedee??? so I'm off - nightnight


in a purple mood

Having a purple day today. Sunday. I'm wearing purple top to toe and in to out - too much information I hear you cry!!! including earrings so here they are...

...and having woken at 8.15 on a beautiful bright and sunny day when I could have had a lie-in and then pottered around and all chores done and house tidy and it's still not 11.00 oclock I decided to pre-prepare another journal page - I'm getting into this now.

...and here's another page I started on Friday afternoon without a clue what I was going to put on here...

did a bit more to...

...and now it's finished...

 the shop 1.00 till 3.00pm for a class - sorry forgot to take photos but here's what was made...

and after I strolled to the Arenal and sat people watching, had a bite to eat and then to best friend Ros' where we played cards. Ros is off to Jeddah where she lives in a week or so so we are making the most of the time she is here. We stay up far later than we ever used to when she lived here - actually that's so not true!!!

Anyway. that's my day and as it's 01.27 I am now off to bed. Only 2 more sleeps till Colin is home and 6 till Tanya is here - YES!!! really looking forward to her coming to stay again - more playtime!!!

so Bye for now

Saturday, October 24, 2009

very productive morning

Long one today...hadn't planned it to be - do we ever plan anything that goes on the just comes out on the screen like it comes out of my mouth.....say no more!!!!!ha!ha!

I had a really good and enjoyable morning.

Other blogs show journal pages that people pre-prepare to work on on their holidays or at a later date. I have never done this always making a page from start to finish in one go so I challenged myself to get out of my box and have a go and I am quite pleased with the results.

I started off quite tentatively..

...but soon became bolder....this was inspired by salad in a magazine article I was browsing at the Dr's earlier - had to have an injection in my b*m for Sciatica - it appeared suddenly on Tuesday - hurts worse than having babies believe me!!! and when I had exhausted all paracetamol, co-praxomol, naprosyn - a muscle relaxant Colin said - so why can't I remember Tuesday evening or night or my friend Ros' phone call!!! I finally booked an appointment and went yesterday. I have to go back for more jabs Monday and Wednesday but at least it has taken 90% of the pain away thank goodness. I was crawling the walls!!!

and with Halloween at the end of the week it seemed appropriate to make something for that

my last one was just a blue sky

I'll keep you updated how they progress.....

...can you see the salad inspiration on the table...

Meanwhile, Melissa was none too happy at missing next week's class where they would finish the journal they have been working on for some weeks. Her family are off to their native Germany for a half term holiday so I suggested to her Mum that she could let Melissa come in this morning as Saturday there are no classes and she is a lovely girl and such good company.

She almost finished her album - just a few finishing touches - more decoration and stick more photos in...she has some beautifully stamped, heat embossed and mica painted flowers and butterflies to add -

the front cover has 5 techniques on it...pity the shimmer doesn't show up in the photo...

these are both shimmery and shiny too...

these are matte finish for contrast...

...and these are shiny too,,,

Hope Carole Diane doesn't mind me copying her email to me onto here - it is a response to an email I sent to her after reading her website - - well worth a view for the lovely window treatments and cushions,etc she makes.

"Hi Carole
Just looked at your website and the beautiful window treatments, cushions, etc are just gorgeous. I clicked on every icon and read it all and the testimonials are right. They say what a delightful person you are, easy to work with and with a gentle personality - couldn't have summed you up better."

and her reply...

Hi Sue!

Thank you so much for your kind remarks. I've just finished downloading all 358 pics of my incredible trip to Spain. . . The craft class and dinner at the Duck Farm are a couple of my most memorable times. . .I'm so glad that I sat across from you and got to know you better. I'm sure that if I lived nearby, I'd be taking your classes and we'd become good friends. It's been so much fun reading your blog and now that I know some of the ladies, it's even more so! To say nothing of the giggles I get seeing Mom and me in the photos there. . . I'm going to send this email and go directly to Desire to Inspire and "sign up". . . I really hope that I can return to Spain some day. That area is so beautiful!

"See you on your Blog!"

Carole Diane

...and just in case you have forgotten this is the lovely Carole Diane 2nd left with her Mum Carole left.

...and this is The Duck Farm - it's a fabulous Spanish restaurant serving traditional Spanish food... where we had a very enjoyable evening with way too much food...

I will just finish with earring flourishes today

...if you are still with me and I haven't bored the pants off you I'm glad...

so Bye for now