Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kidz class tonight

They finished their project, a board with loads of techniques and really enjoyed making it. Molly and Ellen have been coming to classes for almost 2 years now and are a lot more advanced than most of my adult pupils. Even Yaa who only started last week rose to the challenge and was so pleased at what she had made.
Gotta go, bed is calling...loudly! Sooo tired - again!
Night night

Let's try making something with inchies!

I thought I would put on these two cards I made using inchies. I don't make anything other than cards, Atc's and scrapbooking but I challenged myself. It was my friend Deb's birthday and as she is a patchwork whizz and a cordon bleu cook (anyone who knows me will know I don't DO cooking) I made this patchwork apron with inchies and also the other card both of which were inked, stamped over and generally distressed. I was very pleased with the way they turned out but the photos don't do the colours justice. The orange is copper pearl card which shimmers subtly and gives a lovely contrast to the rest which is matte.

Yesterday I was so overwhelmed by receiving an award that I forgot to put on the cards we made in the Christmas class. Most of the ladies were complete beginners so they have to have very basic cards although I do try to push the boundaries - they soon tell me when I am pushing them too far! They liked the shaped cards - it's a start rather than a blank card!!! said one. I could still see a blank card but heyho! if that's what they see that's fine by me. We used glitter embossing powder and Paper Artsy, Blonde Moment and the Stamp Connection stamps.
For the second hour I challenged them to use only Blonde Moment scraps(large ones), stamps and black or dark green ink pads - no embossing. They could only use card stock for the base card. I showed them the three cards I had made and they got down to it and were very happy and would like to do it again. Yes!!! Happy customers, happy me!

Must get back to a little project I am working on for a friend - lets just say I bought ready mixed polyfilla or the Spanish equivalent today for it! so keep guessing!ha!ha!
Bye for now

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My first blog award!!!

A big sincere thank you to my lovely and very talented friend Tanya from Belgium for this blog award.

The rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award
3. Nominate 5 blogs for the award

I have to pass it on to five other blogs so here goes...drum roll...

first is Lin Brown who I have known for a number of years and is always such an inspiration

second is Leandra Franich whose stamps I just love

third is Dyan Reaveley from Art from the Heart and who gives the most wonderful classes and is such fun

fourth is the Kathryn Wheel who is another very talented lady and she loves chocolate so she has got to be OK!!!

last but not least Linda Cain blog I read regularly and who is another great source of inspiration.

So much creativity in these 5 blogs - and these 5 ladies all so nice that I feel so undeserving amongst all this talent. Do visit their blogs - you will find so much inspiration.
Bye with love and hugs

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

will this year please slow down

On Monday morning I took my lovely Lhasa Apso, Bailey to the vets for the male doggy "op". When we fetched him home on Monday evening our cat, Tia went up to him, kissed his face and snuggled up with him under my coat . The poor thing was still spaced out yesterday and kept looking as if to say "What's missing, I feel different!""
This is him and me on a normal but "bad hair day!!"

I can't believe we are well through November already. Where has this year gone? They do say that as you get older the years pass more quickly and it seems so true at the moment. Classes are buzzing - along with my head. I wouldn't mind if it was the wine...but I don't drink!!! Still everyone seems to be enjoying the classes and that is what makes me so happy.
This morning we did a class using bleach and watching the amazement on faces as the colours on the card changed was priceless. Brown card turned orange and then yellow, greeen card changed to pinky lilac whilst the blue card hardly changed at all. A real eye-opener. Why do I always forget to use the camera!!!
Still I did manage to capture the joy on the faces of Sophie and Alice on Monday night when they took home the Christmas hoops they have been working on for a couple of weeks.

I have been trying to get next year's workshops planned, projects made and details published for a couple of weeks now but life intervenes too much!!!

Colin went to the UK yesterday to see his 90 year old Dad and my 83 year old Mum, both living alone at the moment but for how much longer we don't know, so I have until Sunday night when he returns to get moving. Will go now and get things out ready for tomorrow lunchtime when I close the shop and can play. I have a kidz club for the older girls tonight from 5.30 so no time today to get started.
Bye, Sue x

Friday, November 14, 2008

Boxes galore

I showed the ladies on Tuesday how to make boxes from the same size piece of half sheet of A4 card and achieve two boxes of different shapes and sizes. They enjoyed this so much I suggested to the Friday ladies they might like to do the same and they were delighted with the results - even though you wouldn't know it from their faces! They now know what the lines on the back of their scoreboards are for!!!!!

Chrissie left her usual comfort zone and opted for blue and silver, Fizz went for the traditional red with gold and Margaret chose yellow with gold. They all went home very happy, so I'm happy.
Have next year's workshops to work on now so I am going to get started.
Bye Sue x

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

and now for something completely different....

was the title of today's workshop. Once a month I run a five hour workshop and it usually comsists of four projects, cards, scrapbook pages, mini albums, etc, but todays was just one project, a tic-tac-toe board full of techniques. We had lots of laughs and everyone seemed to enjoy it and learn lots. Angie brought some delicious custard slices which went down very well...but I forgot I had the camera with me so no piccies of them unfortunately - you'll just have to manage with photos of their work instead.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

man free zone!

I was asked could we make boxes this week so we did. Silver ones with tags and Christmas ones with cards using the Paper Artsy poinsettia stamps. Christine (not pictured) made the red set pictured alongside my sample set and Muriel and Erika are pictured with theirs. This 2 hour class streeeetched into three!!!!! No-one wanted to stop they were all enjoying themselves too much!
Have to go now as I have a five hour workshop to prepare for tomorrow - kits to prepare and box up, much to do, so little time!
Bye Sue x

Monday, November 10, 2008

big thanks

to the lovely Tanya Watts who I met at Ranger U and who helped make the trip even more fantastic. I received a parcel from her with some gorgeous goodies in that she had made especially for me. How to feel special eh!! The necklace that she gave a sneak preview on her blog is even more lovely in real life and everyone who has seen me wearing it the last few days has said how beautiful it is. Then there was my name adorned with three little girls and other embellishments and a picture which is not only so me but incorporating so many techniques - see photos which don't do any justice to any of the pieces - but unfortunately thats all you get unless you happen to be near the shop. Ha! ha!
Big thanks and big hugs Tanya - they will be treasured.
Off now to do more crafting
Bye, Sue