Thursday, August 27, 2009

100th post!!!

A few random mumblings on this my 100th post...

Thought you might like to see one of the men working outside the shop....

... in fairness it was lunchtime...

... a future project including stamping and a Wendy Vecchi flower or two...

...and a couple of journal pages inspired by Dyan's blog

touch of gesso, an old book page, whatever pens and pencils were in my pencil case and a couple of images from a magazine...

...all finished off with a photo from last night's Wednesday class when we had a holidaymaker named Ana join us...

Just got home from the shop, now going to have some toast and pate and an ice lolly - it's still 28 degrees! and a read of the newspaper
so Bye for now

Monday, August 24, 2009

Noise and mess!!!!!

For the last few weeks the much needed road improvement of a roundabout instead of traffic lights has been going on outside the shop and last Monday it was the turn of our side of the road for the make over. First they stripped away the layer of pavors...

...then on Friday they drilled to remove the lower layers of pavement - the shops foundations were rockin' !! - the noise that day was indescribable!!!

Thankfully, Friday I finish at 1pm and so they drilled on without me and by Saturday all that was left was the clearing away of the boulders...

As I was locking up this evening the digger was being loaded onto a skip complete with digger driver - so I dashed back to get my camera much to the amusement of the men outside - and gave a silent cheer as they drove away.

Hopefully, they will now start to reconstruct the pavement and restore the peace - although I would wish that it would be studded with something to stop the cyclists, often complete with helmets and lycra shorts - yes full grown men - gggrrrr!!!! cycling past. OK gripe over.

All the noise and mess doesn't seem to have deterred the customers - the shop and classes have been busier than ever during this mad time so thank you for your tolerance one and all.

Here is the lovely Eva with the cards she made tonight

and the equally delightful Dayana with hers - although she is hiding the purple one as it is a secret for someone special

Dayana did mention that she would prefer music to the noise so I promised to take the radio back to the shop.

Here is a small sample of the projects I have been making for classes and workshops -

...more to come so keep watching this space.

Bye for now

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yes, England won the Ashes!!!

No guesses for what has occupied me all weekend!!! I absolutely love watching cricket - tolerate other sports but absolutely can't stand football.

Well, now that the excitement of that is over it will be back to concentrating on the projects for the next three months. Have plenty of Christmassy ideas - just need to get them made, etc so tomorrow nose back to the grindstone!!!

Bye for now

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on the girls

I got home tonight and realised that its Wednesday - bad blogger that I am - so here are the photos of both tonight's girls and Monday's.

Tonight was Megan's 4th and final week of her holidays and so her paper bag album had to be finished - the others can work on theirs next week
l to r Megan, Yaa, Alice, Molly

and here are the girls from Monday - sorry girls this week has just flashed past - proudly showing their photoframes!!
l to r Eva, Dayana, Lauren

...and their exploding boxes

Another week half over.....
Oh well, only another 45 sleeps till daughter Victoria's wedding.....and 127 to Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I saw a grungepaper flower on Wendy Vecchi's blog and decided to replicate it with
alcohol inks on glossy card and I think it turned out very well. I have only made two so far but am planning on making more as they are very easy to make and look so professional. Mine need refining but practice makes perfect!

This was my very first attempt...

...and at the second I realised I needed to fold the petals down...

I will continue playing until I get them to look as good as Wendy's!!! She warns they are addicting and I can confirm that!!!

Bye for now
PS You can find Wendy's blog at

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little bit of lustre

Karen, Lorraine, Christine and Erica.

Very enjoyable class this morning. I showed techniques using mica spray inks and lustres as the start of an album. I will get the album photographed in a day or so and put it on here.

We had a crafty holidaymaker, Karen join us which is so lovely - perhaps you'll e-mail photos of your finished album. Have a safe journey back to UK tomorrow.

Right, lunch is ready so
Bye for now

Monday, August 10, 2009

doll picture no3 of 3

Just a quick visit to show what I did this morning between customers. I am not sure if it is finished - I like the background so much I don't want to mess it up but I had thought of putting dreamy or something similar on it. Well. it will have to stay as it is for now as I will have some little girls waiting if I don't go pretty quick-ish!!

Bye for now

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday to you...

...yes, the shop has been open 3 years today. When I first opened the shop I hoped to make it to Christmas of that year and here we are three years on and still going strong. I have loads of lovely customers many of whom have become friends and delightful children who attend the kidz classes and who make them so much fun.

With the children in mind I made a paper bag album. The Wednesday girls have already started theirs - it helps doing projects with the older girls first as I can then foresee any problems I might encounter with the younger ones - and I shall start the Monday girls doing theirs this week.

The next door neighbour Janice and I having a tea party

My Mum used to knit my cardigans and it is interesting to see that she used the same pattern in different colours each year. She did the same when my eldest son, Lee was small - I remember him having so many v-neck cable sweaters in all colours!!!

This is me with my cousin John sitting on the running board - yes running board - of my Dad's car.

Thank goodness she abandoned putting a bow in my hair from hereon!!! (The baby is Christine - cousin John's sister.)

It's interesting that something you think is finished, when you look at it on here you can see so many opportunities for embellishments and doodling so while the girls are busy working on their albums I shall continue to add to mine.

Well, apart from classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday that is what I have been doing this week. I started another mixed media painting this morning so the image is sketched on the canvas and hopefully I might have some time and/or energy over the weekend to add some paint to it.

Colin returned from the UK on Thursday and said how cold and wet it was there. The weather has been sooo HOT here that it makes you feel sooo lethargic. I would love to be able to send some to my friends and family in the UK so they can sit in their gardens and enjoy a touch of sun that does so much to help the health and temper.

Hoping some sunshine will come your way
Sue x

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zero energy - no chance!

From front clockwise - Olivia, Dayana, Blanca, Duna, Eva, Ima, Lauren

No chance of having zero energy or inspiration tonight!!!

Duna arrived with her friend Blanca, Dayana was having her friend for a sleepover so she brought Olivia along and Eva brought her friend Ima and with Lauren that made seven!!! Luckily I had prepared some preprinted skittles and bowling balls from a cd along with some glitter card and off they went. No envelopes so they had to learn how to make their own which they mastered at lightning speed.

They then cut out presents which they matted and layered onto more glitter card and then to see if they were listening and watching they had to make another envelope. Luckily they were and soon it was "Sue I've finished" - well it would be if they all spoke English. Lauren and Olivia are English, Dayana is Russian/Canadian but speaks beautiful English but Eva, Duna, Ima and Blanca only speak Spanish so huge linguistic problems for me - I don't get enough chance to speak Spanish and all the words I know seem to fall out of my head when I lie on my side in bed!!!lOl!

After a quick break of Pringles, juice and water it was off again this time wth some Spirelli. They are quick learners and so another card along with yet another envelope was made.

With so many requests for asssitance it's a wonder there is a photo to show!
A successful evening and seven very happy girls went home.

I came home, grabbed all the cushions, back and all off the sofa and put my feet up and watched Four Weddings. It really is a hoot. My daughter and I phone each other in the adverts comparing notes on who should win...or not! so that'smy evening, I am now off to bed

Bye for now

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Yes, everything is missing! My energy, my inspiration..... I seem to be brain dead at the moment! I have just had everything I could wish for - a weekend free of commitments and what have I done with it??? nothing, that's what! For the past few weeks I have been so busy and really wished for some time for me to do my own thing .....and here I am at bedtime on Sunday and I have achieved NOTHING! Maybe, that's what my body really needed - a complete break to refresh itself, after all it is 28 degrees on waking and going to bed and mid to high 30's the rest of the day and it does make you feel pretty lethargic but I had so many plans - aaaggghhh!

I did have a lovely lunch of Caesar salad with my friend Christine and a good old chat - I'll take a photo of us I said

I'll try again...

third time lucky I hope

yes that's better!
and afterwards we mooched around the clothes and shoe shops. Such a treat for me. I found a lovely French Connection top for my daughter Victoria and Christine bought a gorgeous skirt so two happy bunnies. We are going for lunch again on Tuesday after which we are hitting more shoe shops to try to get me a pair of shoes for Victoria's wedding in October.

Well, I am now off to bed - tomorrow morning I have to prepare for the younger kidz class tomorrow evening and adult class Tuesday morning. At this very moment I have no idea what we will be doing - maybe I will wake up fully restored LOL! Watch this space! ha!ha!

so Bye for now